New Food – Maid Rite

IMG_7953Once upon a time there was a butcher named Fred Angell. In between cutting up standing roasts and baby back ribs, he worked at blending the just-right mixture of spices to make the just-right sandwich. A deliveryman happened by and when tasting Fred’s creation said, “This is made right.”

Fred was good at butchering, but not so much at spelling (so says their website) and the Maid Rite sandwich made an appearance. Soon Maid Rite restaurants popped up all over Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and Missouri – but mostly in Iowa. This was back in 1926 and is considered one of the oldest fast food franchises, along with White Castle and A&W. Many of those original franchises are still going strong.

The difference between the Maid-Rite sandwich and a regular hamburger is that the meat is loose – kind of like a sloppy joe without the tomato sauce. They are served wrapped up in brown paper with a spoon in the wrapper.

This was one of the places I wanted to visit to try a new food or at least a presentation of an old food in a new way.

We were not disappointed. We enjoyed the Maid-Rite immensely. Good taste and no grease. Felt just right for a lunch on the road.

So if you’re ever heading through Iowa and want a quick lunch with a twist – find a Maid- Rite and enjoy.


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