Olympic Training Center

The first time I visited the Olympic Training Center, we saw many athletes training which is what you do at a training center. We saw some medalists in the wrestling gym and synchronized swimmers and some hopeful volleyball players. After we took our tour (last time) we walked around and Jacob ran up and down the center walk.

This time the security was tight. If you happened to get left out of one of the buildings (because you were last in line), you had to go back to the beginning and wait for another tour. After the tour was over, you could only walk around a very precise area.

And this time there was just one athlete actually doing athletic stuff. Kind of disappointing. When I asked, I was told it was because it was Saturday afternoon, a couple teams were at tournaments and I guess other athletes trained at night.

But still the description of the technology equipment was interesting. For instance, when a team was going Honduras, they were able to control the climate of the room they practiced in to mimic the climate of Central America. They can also tell if a runner is putting more weight on his right or left leg, by how it hits the track.

The center sits on 35, acres and has 242 dorm rooms. Three hundred thousand meals are served there each year. I can’t remember exactly how much it costs for an athlete to stay there, but I think it is $50,000 a year,  Most of the cost is paid by sponsors. An athlete can live there for several years as long as they are active in their sport.

So, yes, I would recommend a visit – but maybe a weekday instead of a weekend … and know that there’s a limit to what you can see and do.


Some inspiration.
Some inspiration.


Not a sign you see everyday.


Not sure what Roger was thinking about.


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