Victor, Colorado

Victor, Colorado is called the City of Goldmines and reached its peak population in 1900.  The town is 10,000 feet above sea level on the southwest side of Pikes Peak. The town has an authentic old-town atmosphere with a lack of stoplights, chain stores or traffic (so says their website).

We wandered through a combination antique/odd collectible store that looked as if it had been there since 1900. We then walked around town and looked at boarded-up shops with fascinating architecture.

Roger and Sally had a lunch place in mind, so we just needed a snack – which the “grocery” store had …. well, not a big choice, but a big enough choice. While we were in the store, a storm brewed outside and before we knew it, the bright, blue sky turned gray and hail began bouncing off of everywhere.

About the town …


Notice the dates on the buildings


this picture has so much – an abandoned mine shaft, the remains of antique ad and a building with no windows.


We were standing in front of the “grocery” store here, watching it pour rain … with blue skies in the distance.
Hail poppin’ on the street.

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