New Food – Longan

IMG_7987Some new, experimental foods I’ve been eyeing since the beginning of the year when I first started this new-food adventure  – this one I never saw before last Saturday when I spotted it in my local ethnic grocery.

The longan tree is grown mostly in southern China and does well at a slightly high elevation. And since 1798, it is has also been grown in India – in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Longan is considered a superfood high in vitamin C and potassium – in case you decide to have some for lunch.

When peeled, the longan looks like eyeballs which is why it is also called Dragon Eyes.

So, I bought it.

I peeled it.

I ate it.

The fruit is sweet and easy on the taste-buds. My best comparison is to the grape, although it’s different in that it has a hard shell and a rather large pit. The consistency of the fruit, itself, however, is very grape like.

I give it a six out of 10.







Sunflowers in the Park

Another fun small Kansas town (where we did actually see other people) was Goodland. Although there are other things to see in town including a couple charming restaurants – we focused on the sunflower painting

Actually the picture idea started a long way from Kansas – in Canada where a Canadian artist decided to replicate seven Van Gogh paintings. He asked Goodland if they would accept Van Gogh’s sunflower picture since they are the Sunflower Capitol of the Sunflower State.

Unfortunately we didn’t actually see any REAL sunflowers – probably a little early in the year.

But the Van-Gogh-Canadian-artist sunflowers on the easel were cool –

The picture is 24×32 feet and the easel is 80 feet tall. Altogether, the painting/easel weighs 45,000 pounds so it’s good the picture didn’t topple over and hit us on the head or something.

Again – a quick stop on the way across Kansas.DSC_0126