The Best Birthday Ever Daisies, Daisies, Daisies (Part 2)

(By this time I had about six bunches of flowers.)

And my next clue was a puzzle.

So we head over to Barnes and Noble to find a table so I could intensely work.

(The puzzle was painted by Chloe, even though she tried to convince me that Phil Keoghan painted it.)


So off to the frozen yogurt store we went and surprise – two more granddaughters waiting for me … with another bunch of flowers.

They had already concocted what I was suppose to eat BEFORE I received my next clue.


Which read:

A group. A bouquet. A brush.

Have your driver take you to ….

Complete the task to get your next clue.

So off we went again.

But first here is a picture of the girls as they were preparing to go to their specified stations:IMG_6642.JPG

So off we went to Steve and Kelli’s house where a few more bouquets of flowers were waiting and the tables setup for painting!

Thanks so much to Ruth Wick for taking us step-by-step through the process … (And notice the halo around Jim’s head.)


And our finished product …IMG_2887

Another clue this one telling me we were having Chinese for dinner

And of course, a beautiful birthday cake —


Thanks to my family for giving me a very creative, cool and fun birthday. Love you all so much!

Thanks to Karen Kauffman for designing the “clue logo.”


And thanks to the florist who grew my multitude of “daisies.” (Like 15 dozen or so.)


And that’s why it was a memorable birthday – for sure.

The Best Birthday Ever Daisies, Daises, Daises (Part 1)

On Friday … my daughter said to be ready at 3:15 p.m. because they were picking me up for a birthday thing. Hmmm … dinner out?  Going to meet my son (and crew) somewhere? I had no idea.

But that’s not what happened. Instead my niece, Beth, came flying in the driveway and handed me a huge bouquet of flowers and handed me a blue envelope, and a plastic Starbucks cup with a $10.00 gift card.

That said:

It’s your birthday, but where are the gifts?

You’ll just have to find them, I guess!

Start by ordering a quick pick-me-up.

Then find the two who aren’t quite grown-up!

I’m guessing Starbucks and I’m guessing my son and crew are somewhere in the area because the two who aren’t quite grown up – are the boys.


Beth drove me to Starbucks where yes, Carter and Jacob were ready to show me a card trick. And then I had to do it before I got my next clue … and another bouquet of flowers.

This was the absolutely funniest stop since both boys kind of forgot what how to do the trick, but eventually I figured out what they were telling me and was allowed to move on.

The next clue gave directions to a place up the road where we were to:

Very carefully park the car.

Inspect the bench.

And spot the librarian.

Ahhh – we found them – Mark Twain himself with even MORE flowers.


And my daughter-in-law who had another clue.

Daisies are known to have

Many medicinal properties …

But –

Please Don’t Eat Them!

So I headed to the computer to look up the DVD of Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.


And then went off to find it on the shelf …

As Jeff snuck up behind me with the DVD and another clue.

IMG_2895This clue had some money hidden inside – with these words.

Use this $ to buy a “Lofty-y” treat.

The only speed Bump!

The two have to approve.

And sure enough – there were the two 18 year olds (with more flowers) to make sure I picked out something good!


This is NOT what I chose.


This is what I bought and everyone approved and wanted one because it’s so soft … and the clerks were totally into what we were doing and gave me 15% off for my birthday – which was kind of them.


Part 2 coming …