The Best Birthday Ever Daisies, Daises, Daises (Part 1)

On Friday … my daughter said to be ready at 3:15 p.m. because they were picking me up for a birthday thing. Hmmm … dinner out?  Going to meet my son (and crew) somewhere? I had no idea.

But that’s not what happened. Instead my niece, Beth, came flying in the driveway and handed me a huge bouquet of flowers and handed me a blue envelope, and a plastic Starbucks cup with a $10.00 gift card.

That said:

It’s your birthday, but where are the gifts?

You’ll just have to find them, I guess!

Start by ordering a quick pick-me-up.

Then find the two who aren’t quite grown-up!

I’m guessing Starbucks and I’m guessing my son and crew are somewhere in the area because the two who aren’t quite grown up – are the boys.


Beth drove me to Starbucks where yes, Carter and Jacob were ready to show me a card trick. And then I had to do it before I got my next clue … and another bouquet of flowers.

This was the absolutely funniest stop since both boys kind of forgot what how to do the trick, but eventually I figured out what they were telling me and was allowed to move on.

The next clue gave directions to a place up the road where we were to:

Very carefully park the car.

Inspect the bench.

And spot the librarian.

Ahhh – we found them – Mark Twain himself with even MORE flowers.


And my daughter-in-law who had another clue.

Daisies are known to have

Many medicinal properties …

But –

Please Don’t Eat Them!

So I headed to the computer to look up the DVD of Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.


And then went off to find it on the shelf …

As Jeff snuck up behind me with the DVD and another clue.

IMG_2895This clue had some money hidden inside – with these words.

Use this $ to buy a “Lofty-y” treat.

The only speed Bump!

The two have to approve.

And sure enough – there were the two 18 year olds (with more flowers) to make sure I picked out something good!


This is NOT what I chose.


This is what I bought and everyone approved and wanted one because it’s so soft … and the clerks were totally into what we were doing and gave me 15% off for my birthday – which was kind of them.


Part 2 coming …

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