A Fun Lunch at a New Place

I got the text close to midnight. “Can you take Carter and me somewhere for lunch tomorrow? Everyone else has something to do.”

So I decided that if this was happening, we would go somewhere different, not just run up the road for the same old, same old.

Carter likes Texas Roadhouse, but they don’t open for lunch. So I’m thinking steak for Carter. Mallory likes lemonade. (I don’t think she’s ever had an entire glass of soda – just doesn’t like it. Never did.)

And after some hunting I found a place – no steak, but lots of barbecue and their speciality was hand-squeezed lemonade. Perfect.

And none of us  had been there before.

None of us had heard of it before.

Carter was a little hesitant. He had had barbecue once and didn’t really like it, but Mallory was ready for an adventure so the ladies won.

As we walked up to the door, the smell of barbecue wafted in the air – reminding me of long ago camping trips. As Mallory said, “Good marketing.”


The place reminded me of barbecue restaurants out west. Where you order at a counter and then find a seat. One thing different from some bbq places is you order the meat by ounce – though they do have pulled pork/chicken sandwiches, too. Sides are extra.

We got our food and found a place to sit. Here’s Mallory loving her lemonade. She said it was the best lemonade she had ever had.  Even Carter who doesn’t like lemonade, thought it was good.IMG_9266

As was the pulled pork, the french fries, the mac and cheese, the broccoli salad AND my pulled pork sandwich. The meat was beyond tender. Carter had been concerned about the sauce – but you add that yourself, so it wasn’t a problem. Not only did he like the meat, he finished my sandwich. We were all much impressed.

You also get a complementary ice cream cone.


Here they are figuring out the machine.




Here I am in front of the Pig Up and Go Sign.IMG_9270

I highly recommend this place – some say it is the best or at least second best bbq place around. But I’ll warn you – it is expensive so be prepared. But the food is delicious and  the staff very patiently answered our questions and were quite friendly.

I’m sure the place gets busy Friday nights or over the weekend – and even though it was just semi-busy when we were there, a parking place was difficult to find. The restaurant is in a strip mall, next to many other restaurants and was extremely crowded.

And totally not sure where the dinosaur came from. He just sort of wobbled down the street, not advertising anything, so we weren’t sure what this was all about, but hey, it added to the fun.


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