New Restaurant. Nu-Crepes.

I like crepes.

I have a crepe maker in which I’ve made many crepes … and had people at our house indulge too (sundae crepes – yay!)

I have been to several crepe restaurants. Some good. Some not so good. (Right, Cindy Vesperman? I think I still have the taste of the Santa Barbara crepe stuck in my mouth!)

Today I tried a new crepe restaurant with the catchy name of  Nu-Crepes. The place had several reviews. Most of them 4 or 5 star. Seemed promising. A few of the reviewers did say it was difficult to find.

And it was. Sort of. The GPS told us we were there, but we didn’t see it anywhere. So we parked and walked and the GPS still told us we were there and we didn’t see it.

Then we noticed a passageway that reminded me of a Scottish close that looked promising (and rather pretty)!


Several signs said Nu-Crepes and pointed down, but it wasn’t until we got to the end that we actually saw a door we could enter.


And once we got inside – we did go down … to the basement/lower level.

You order the crepes at a counter and get a buzzer (think Panera). The lady taking the orders was friendly and helpful when I asked what was good.

We waited about seven minutes and got our crepes. I ordered the Cali – avocado, mozzarella, turkey, ham, bacon, spinach.  My dish came with apple slaw – apples, lime cilantro, celery, arugula.


Delicious. Crepe was too large to eat in one sitting so I brought half home.

As we were getting ready to leave, one of the line cooks looked up, said a friendly good-bye and invited us to come again.

I would recommend this place. I would also go again if I were in the area.

Fun experience.

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