The Resort

I remember attending a conference at DisneyWorld. The shuttle picked us up at the airport and took us right to our hotel complex. We never saw anything outside of the magical world of Mickey. Since I had been to Florida (and DisneyWorld) before, that was fine for the conference visit, but kind of limiting to someone who hadn’t been to the South.

You can do the same in Oahu. A shuttle will pick you up at the airport and deliver you to the Disney (and other hotels in the resort area) and then take you back when your stay is over.

One night we went over to the resort area and walked down to the beach. Although the resort areas are closed off  to the public – the beach is public and they have a path that you can follow to the public area.

And then we waited for another beautiful sunset.


Pretty beaches


The Disney Resort
The resort –
DSC_0733 2

But more important is the view out to sea …

Don’t know who these people are, but they sure got cool wedding photos.


A beautiful ending.

Keana Point State Park

After dining on shrimp as we listened to the roosters crow, the pigeons coo, and watched the cats wait for their dinner, we headed up to Keana Point State Park.

Part of the park was closed to cars because of the recent flooding, (won’t be open again until 2019), but there was still a lot to see as we watched the sun go down over the Pacific. The closer it got to the sunset hour, the more people showed up, but still, compared to other areas we visited, there weren’t that many people around.

The point was beautiful and I could have sat there for hours just watching the play of the sun on the water.

Plus, I got my first glimpse of a red-crested cardinal! In my research on birds I might see in Hawaii, this one was often mentioned and I liked its coloring. The cardinal, however, is not a cardinal, but a tanager. And,  like all the birds I saw, this one is also an alien – from South America.

But still pretty.

A map to let us know where we were – always a good thing,
Tom and Marti enjoy the view.
My first siting of a red-crested cardinal who is actually a tanager and not a cardinal at all, but he’s still very pretty.
The sun continues to set.
One of my favorite pictures of the trip.
DSC_0637 2
I liked the silhouettes of the pick-up trucks and the people

Shrimp Trucks

One of the places a visitor to Hawaii must stop is a shrimp truck on the North Shore. They have a reputation for great, locally caught shrimp.

Deciding what to eat.
A place to sit in the comfort of Hawaiian breezes.
My dinner.


That says it all. (I wonder if customers forgetting their cars is something that happens a lot.)
And then the cats show up for their handouts.

Traveling the North Shore

After stopping at the Dole Plantation, we drove along the North Shore. The best way for me to describe the ride is – the scenery was exactly as I imagined Hawaii scenery to be … blue sky, endless sparkling water, rocky shorelines that fade into sandy beaches.

Better yet – here’s a few (yes, just a few) of the pictures I took.

On the way to the shore … not absolutely 100% sure, but I think we are still passing the Dole plantation and these are pineapple plants. When I  zoomed in, they looked like pineapple. (Willing to be corrected.)


Hmm … words to describe God’s beautiful creation: serene, breathtaking, sparkling.
Again, breathtaking.
Does anything get more Hawaiian-looking than this?




Not a sign I see too often in Illinois.

A New Morning and Two New Birds

People traveling with me know I am intense about learning the name of every new bird, flower or tree that I see. I will ask until I find out and then to be even more annoying, I have to stop and take a picture of said bird, flower, tree. Sometimes I mentally tell myself to stop and not bother people, but then I see another bird, flower, and tree and I’m once again asking questions. I apologize to everyone who has gone anywhere with me. Sort. Of.  All comes down to just wanting to know.

So the very first morning in Hawaii I saw two new birds.

I identified the common waxbill by texting my brother. This pretty little finch was sitting in the branches off  the balcony of the condo where we where staying. A lot of other birds were also flitting around and singing, but I couldn’t capture them via photo nor could I see them close enough to describe them.

But I did get a picture of the common waxbill, although it’s not very clear. This bird is also called the St. Helena waxbill (for the island of St. Helena).DSC_0503 2.jpg

Although the name says it’s common, it’s not as common here as it is in Southern Africa and the Pacific Islands. The red streak across it’s eyes is pretty, sorry I didn’t get a better view.

I also saw a spotted dove (a long-tailed pigeon). Well, actually I saw dozens of spotted doves over the next week. This bird is found mostly in Asia, in particular India but has now reached Hawaii and Southern California. I liked the polka dots on it’s neck – they made it seem as if the dove was wearing a scarf.


So two new birds on a new morning in Hawaii.