How did the Inca build and govern their vast empire?

How did the Incas build and control their vast empire?

The emperor ruled with the aid of an aristocratic bureaucracy, exercising authority with harsh and often repressive controls. Inca technology and architecture were highly developed, although not strikingly original. Their irrigation systems, palaces, temples, and fortifications can still be seen throughout the Andes.

How did the Inca govern their empire?

Hence the Incas called their empire Tahuantinsuyu, which means ‘land of the four quarters’. Each quarter was placed under a governor who reported directly to the king. The king ruled the Inca Empire from his seat in the capital city of Cuzco. These governors were blood relatives of the king.

How did the Inca build a large empire?

The Incas conquered a vast territory using reciprocity or alliances. Once the Incas arrived in a new region they tried to establish a relationship with the tribe’s head. He offered gifts such as wool clothing, coca leaves and mullu (shell believed to be food for the Gods).

How did the Inca build their building?

Inca buildings were made out of fieldstones or semi-worked stone blocks and dirt set in mortar; adobe walls were also quite common, usually laid over stone foundations.

How did the Incas control government and language?

The Inca government knew that to control their empire they had to communicate with the people. But the people, spread over vast distances, spoke many different languages. To unify their empire, the Inca government established an official language, Quechua (KE-chuh-wuh).

What are the 3 main laws governing the Incan empire?

Incas had 3 commandments: don’t steal. don’t lie. don’t be lazy.

What type of government or ruler did the Inca have?


The Incas had a monarchical and theocratic government where the Inca emperor was the maximum figure because he symbolized the son of the sun god. The Inca government was also based on simple laws that valued work and punished idleness and theft.

What methods did the Incas use to unify their large empire?

Answer and Explanation: The Incas unified their empire through the spread of their language, compulsory military service for conquered peoples, and via a vast and sophisticated network of roads. The Incas made sure to spread their Quechua language throughout the empire for unity.

How were the Inca able to construct their large public works?

The Incas’ public works were built through a labor tax known as mit’a. This tax required most people incorporated into the Inca Empire to provide labor for public works during certain portions of each year.

How did the Incas spread their power?

The Inca originally launched a series of military alliances and campaigns that let them take control of the area from Cuzro to Lake Titicaca. Inca culture and ideology, along with the typical economic and political motivations, motivated Inca conquest. Ancestral cults were also significant to Inca expansion.

How did the Incas control their economy?

Incan economics and politics were based on Andean traditions. In order to financially support the empire, the Incas developed a somewhat Socialistic system of labor taxation. Without any form of currency, they limited the role of markets and carried out the exchange of many of their products through political channels.