How tall is the Foresthill Bridge?

730 feet2,428 feet over the stunning vistas of the American River’s North Fork and is reported to be the 3rd highest bridge in the United States and the tallest in California at 730 feet.

What movie was filmed on the Foresthill Bridge?

The Foresthill Bridge is poised for another appearance on the big screen in a major movie. The span hovers at its highest 730 feet above the North Fork of the American River canyon near Auburn and has already made notable appearances in 2002’s “xXx” with Vin Diesel and “The Phantom” in 1996.

What’s the deepest part of the American River?

At a depth of 216 feet (though some sources argue its 202 ft), the Hudson River is the deepest river in the United States. The Hudson River’s headwaters are located in the Lake Tear of the Clouds in New York’s Adirondack Park. It travels 315 miles from that point to Upper New York Bay.

What are the top 5 highest bridges in the United States?

The Tallest Bridges in the United States

Rank Bridge Height (Feet)
1 Royal Gorge Bridge 955
2 Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge 900
3 New River Gorge Bridge 876
4 Foresthill Bridge 730

What is the tallest railroad bridge in the United States?

the Pit River Bridge

What is the highest railroad bridge in the USA? The highest railroad bridge in the USA is the Pit River Bridge on the Union Pacific Railroad at Shasta Lake, California. The cantilever bridge carries a highway and two tracks over Shasta Lake at a height of 433 feet above the original water level of the Pit River.

Where is the longest bridge in California?

The eastern end of the bridge is in Hayward. It is the longest bridge in California and the 25th longest in the world by length.

San Mateo–Hayward Bridge
Design Orthotropic deck (western highrise span) trestle (eastern causeway spans)
Total length 36,960 ft (11,270 m) 7.0 mi (11.3 km)

How high is the Golden Gate Bridge from the ocean?

746 feet

The Golden Gate Bridge’s clearance above high water averages 220 feet (67 m) while its towers, at 746 feet (227 m) above the water, were the world’s tallest on a suspension bridge until 1993 when it was surpassed by the Mezcala Bridge, in Mexico.

Who built Foresthill Bridge?

Upon its opening, it was the second tallest in the world. Today, it continues to hold distinction for its height and history. The bridge, fabricated by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan, opened in 1973 and was designed to accommodate the unbuilt Auburn Dam, which was slated to be completed in the 1970s.

How many bridges are in California?

In 2021, there were nearly 617,300 road bridges in California, while Texas was the state with the highest number of road bridges, with almost 55,200 road bridges.