What is the approximate latitude and longitude of Bogota Colombia?

Bogotá, Colombia Lat Long Coordinates Info The latitude of Bogotá, Colombia is 4.624335, and the longitude is -74.063644. Bogotá, Colombia is located at Colombia country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 4° 37′ 27.6060” N and 74° 3′ 49.1184” W.

Where is Bogota located on the world map?


Bogotá Location in Colombia and South America Show map of Colombia Show map of South America Show map of North Atlantic Show map of America Show map of Earth Show all
Coordinates: 4°42′40″N 74°4′20″W
Country Colombia
Department Capital District Cundinamarca (see text)

How do I find the altitude and latitude of a location?

Find coordinates of a location

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth.
  2. On the left, click Search .
  3. Search for a place.
  4. In the top left corner of the Knowledge Card, click the Up arrow .
  5. In the box that appears, find the longitude and latitude coordinates.

What is the absolute and relative location of Colombia?

Have you ever wondered “Where is Colombia?” Well, you can find it on the northernmost end of South America. To the north, it borders Panama and the Caribbean Sea, Peru and Ecuador to the south, Venezuela and Brazil to the east, and its entire west coast meets the Pacific Ocean.

What was Bogotá originally called?

Santa Fé de Bacatá

The settlement was christened Santa Fé de Bacatá: “Santa Fé” after Quesada’s birthplace in Spain, and “Bacatá” for the original Indian name, which was soon corrupted to Bogotá.

Why is Bogotá famous?

Bogota was founded in 1538 and still retains its historical charm in areas such as La Candelaria. Aside from being historically significant, Bogota is also known for its arts, gastronomy and culture. Explore this vibrant capital and take day trips from Bogota while visiting Colombia.

What is the meaning of Bogotá?

Bogotá / (ˌbəʊɡəˈtɑː, Spanish boɣoˈta) / noun. the capital of Colombia, on a central plateau of the E Andes: originally the centre of Chibcha civilization; founded as a city in 1538 by the Spaniards.

Is Bogotá a good place to live?

Bogota, Colombia, differentiates itself with low living costs. According to our city rankings, this is a good place to live with high ratings in housing, tolerance and outdoors. Bogota is one of the top ten city matches for 1.4% of Teleport users.

Travel Connectivity.

Airport hub 76
Airport hub [score] 0.38

What is the average salary in Bogotá?

In Bogota, the center of the economic and industrial sector, the city’s average salary is 5,420,000 COP (1,224.68 USD) per month.

How do you measure latitude and longitude?

Quote from video: Slide the ruler east or west until it touches the point of interest measure the number of minutes and seconds further north to the point of interest.

How do you find the longitude and latitude on a map?

To find a location using its latitude and longitude on any device, just open Google Maps. On your phone or tablet, start the Google Maps app. On a computer, go to Google Maps in a browser. Then enter the latitude and longitude values in the search field — the same one you would ordinarily use to enter an address.

How do you measure latitude and longitude on a map?

Latitude is indicated on a map by a series of evenly-spaced horizontal lines running from one side of the map to the other, while longitude is indicated by a series of evenly-spaced vertical lines running from top to bottom. Look for numbers along the edges of the map giving coordinates for each line.

What are 3 facts about Bogota Colombia?


  • Bogotá, D.C. (“Distrito Capital”), is capital of Colombia;
  • Bogotá is an Andes town at an elevation of about 2700 masl;
  • The climate is moderate with day time high temperatures varying between 14 and 20 degrees;
  • The population of Bogotá is estimated at 12,000,000;

What cities are at 40 latitude?

The parallel 40° north passes through the cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio; as well as northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana and Boulder, Colorado and the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What are 3 facts about Bogotá Colombia?

Interesting facts about Bogotá

  • Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia.
  • The city is located in the center of the country in the eastern part of the Andes mountains.
  • As of June 2019, the population of Bogotá is about 8 million people.
  • Bogotá covers a total area of 1,587 square kilometers (613 square miles).

Is Bogota Colombia part of USA?

Colombia became a federal state itself composed of nine “sovereign states.” It comprised the present-day nations of Colombia and Panama and parts of northwestern Brazil.

United States of Colombia.

United States of Colombia Estados Unidos de Colombia (Spanish)
Flag Coat of arms
Status Federation
Capital Bogotá

Is Colombia a rich country?

Colombia is classified as an upper middle-income economy and is one of Latin America’s largest economies, according to the International Monetary Fund. The country’s economy is shaped by its land and like many South American nations is based in its rich natural resources.

Can an American live in Colombia?

UK, Canadian, and US citizens can stay in Colombia for 180 days out of a calendar year without a Colombian visa. Americans get a 90-days visa on arrival, with an option to extend another 90 days. However, to stay longer than 6-months or be a full-time resident, you need to apply for a Migrant Visa (M).