What is the main part of San Francisco?

Downtown San Francisco encompasses several different neighborhoods besides Chinatown, North Beach, and Union SquareUnion SquareUnion Square is a 2.6-acre (1.1-hectare) public plaza bordered by Geary, Powell, Post and Stockton Streets in downtown San Francisco, California. “Union Square” also refers to the central shopping, hotel, and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks. Where […]

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What government is El Salvador?

What government does El Salvador rule? GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL CONDITIONS El Salvador is a democratic republic governed by a president and an 84-member unicameral Legislative Assembly. The president is elected by universal suffrage and serves for a five-year term. Is El Salvador democratic or Republican? El Salvador is a constitutional multiparty republic with a democratically […]

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Where do Motmots live?

Where do turquoise-browed Motmot live? Central America The turquoise-browed motmot (Eumomota superciliosa) also known as Torogoz, is a colourful, medium-sized bird of the motmot family, Momotidae. It inhabits Central America from south-east Mexico (mostly the Yucatán Peninsula), to Costa Rica, where it is common and not considered threatened. Are motmots rare? Although most motmot species […]

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What plants grow in PR?

What plants live in PR? Plantas Endémicas Sintenis’ Guava (Eng.), Hoja Menuda (Sp.) Puerto Rico Zephyr Lily, Rain Lily, Water Crocus (Eng.), (no known common Sp. name), Zephyranthes puertoricensis(Sci.) Puerto Rico Raintree (Eng.), (no Spanish common name), Brunfelsia portoricensis (Sci.) What crops grow well in Puerto Rico? CLASS. Puerto Rico food crops include sugar cane, […]

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