Jordan Pond House

While enjoying a day at Acadia National Park, we decided to eat lunch at the lodge – known as Jordan Pond House. IMG_1035 2.jpeg

Jordan Pond House is in the park itself, overlooking (you guessed it – Jordan Pond). During warm weather, they put tables outside so you can eat overlooking the pond.

I read that it’s busy in the summer, but we were there in October – peak of the color season – and it was still very crowded. You can make reservations, which we didn’t know, so we registered with the host and then wandered around the gift shop waiting for our buzzer to go off. (I truly can’t remember how long – but I’m thinking 40 minutes.)

Not a good picture, but you get the picture!!!! (Not a good sentence either.)

I did find maple sugar candy at the gift shop, which is a treat which brings back memories. Seemed like all Eastern historical sites had boxes of maple syrup candy when I was growing up, and my dad always bought me some. Now, you don’t find it quite as often, though every once in a while …

IMG_1063.jpgOnce inside the crowded restaurant, we ordered popovers and blueberry lemonade, because that’s what the restaurant is known for. Nellie McIntire started that tradition back in the 1890s – though I’m not sure who she is. Guessing she was a cook at the restaurant and not just some tourist who happened to be walking by hungry for popovers.IMG_1037.jpeg

The popover is served with strawberry jam and is delicious. The lemonade was good, too.

I also got a lobster roll, one of several I had while in Maine, don’t remember liking it as much as I liked the popover, but it was ok.

Like I said, they were busy and the people at the table next to us (maybe a foot and a half away), had finished their meal and were waiting for their bill when the server came with another round of their exact food. Somehow, he had forgotten that he already served them!

So – all that to say this. If you visit Acadia, stop at the Jordan Pond House and have a popover and some blueberry lemonade. You’ll be glad you did.