Goldfield – Part 2

Here are more photos from Goldfield, Colorado (for more information, see my post from a few days ago.)

Evening primrose (I think – please let me know if I’m wrong.)


One of the large trucks on top of the current area where they’re mining. You can see the size by comparing it to the trees down below.


Goldfield city hall from the 1800s


The last few weeks have been unbelievably crazy.

So this morning when I woke up to snow throwing a shovel into my morning plans, I figured I had time to post.

I thought. Should I write about the expensive squirrel hole, or car repairs, or the garbage disposal saga or the personality test I took (ok, here’s a surprise – the test showed I like to influence people with words),  jury duty or …

And then I stopped! What a perfect day to post on 10 THINGS TO DO IN HAWAII written by my high school friend, Christy.

Keep checking! I’ll get it up shortly.