State Photo – Nevada

Highway 50 across Nevada is called the loneliest road in America and for good reason. Mile after mile of uninhabited land. We drove across it during the “magic hours” of evening when the sun paints landscapes into fantastical beauty. Every turn provided a photo op.

We did wonder if it would be the first night ever that we couldn’t find a hotel – but an hour or two after darkness fell, we did reach a town that had a good hotel – with vacancies.

This picture was taken the next morning at the Great Basin National Park.


I’ve done a lot of posts about Racine before so won’t write much – just share some pictures of the day in early March I took the Florida ladies north.

The spaceship-like building is the Golden Rondelle Theater which was originally the SC Johnson exhibit at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City (which my mom, brother and I actually were at). After the Fair, they brought it back to their headquarters in Racine and rebuilt it. They have specialty movies showing and we often took people there who visited from out of town.

And we ate at a restaurant I had never been to before.

Notice the ice-fisherman in the one picture – truly an isolated spot out in nature.

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