I don’t know where you are in your church situation, but sometimes as pastors and pastor’s wives, we have a tendency to think that things will be better at some future date …

… when we move to our new church

… when the educational wing gets done

… when so and so finally quits and leaves to annoy another church

… when we get all the holiday stuff out of the way 


The truth is – we need to enjoy and take advantage of the now. Time speeds by and soon all those “in the future” dreams are no longer possible.

The Psalmist wrote: As for man, his days are like grass, 

       he flourishes like a flower of the field.

Recently I heard someone say that the best advice he had ever been given was, “This ain’t gonna last forever, how can you make it count NOW.” OK, so he had a grammar problem – but the point is valuable.

Look around at the ministry situation you’re in RIGHT NOW.  Ask the Lord to give you the wisdom to use every opportunity that comes your way.

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