Cost of Living and Studying in Canada – Tips for Survival

The cost of living and studying in Canada can vary depending on the city and the individual’s expenses. Some tips for survival include trying typical Canadian food to control costs, budgeting for start-up costs, looking for shared housing to save on accommodation costs, and factoring in public transportation costs. In addition, it is advisable to research job options for international students and available scholarships and financial aid.

Learn more about Canada

When you are planning to study or live in a new country, it is important to know the important aspects of the country, such as the food, the economy, the transportation, the climate, among other things. So let’s get started.

In case you didn’t know, Canada is the second largest country on the planet. With about 10 million kilometres. Its population is about 38 million which makes it sparsely populated since the United States, its neighbour with 9 million kilometres, has a population about 10 times larger than Canada.

The ratio between territory and population is 3.9 inhabitants per kilometre of territory, which means that it has a lot of space for its population and a great opportunity for those who wish to live there because of its large size and vegetation.

Did you know that one of the country’s main provinces is home to the largest producer of maple syrup in the world? This Canadian product is so representative that they have it on their flag.

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If you have wanted to visit new countries and live there for a while, Canada is an excellent option because it has a great variety of cities and people, a varied culture and you can also learn two languages. The costs of living and studying in Canada are not cheap but if you manage to get enough money and even get one of the visas that allow you to work you will be able to live well in this country as with an average salary of 2500 you will be able to pay for a large part of your stay.

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