Another pw and I have been discussing business meetings “off blog.”

Business meetings can be tough. Very few jobs require a person to stand in front of EVERYONE one to four times a year and listen to EVERYONE give his or her opinion about your time management, friendliness, speaking capabilities. I have never heard a pastor say that business meetings are his favorite part of the job. If there is one, I’d like to meet him – or maybe not.

Lots of stuff gets discussed at business meetings and often it’s the tough stuff or nitty-gritty of the ministry and a lot of time what’s discussed has nothing to do with the pastor. Still, as pastor or pastor’s wife you take it personally.

For instance, the circumstance discussed might be about whether bridal showers should be sponsored by the church or whether Mr. Adult Sunday School teacher was right in what he said to that new family (who never came back).

Sometimes, after the meeting, you may be asked for your opinion. If it’s a tangible subject – like bridal showers, it’s usually safe to answer.  For instance, in the church where I grew up, they moved bridal showers outside the church so people wouldn’t feel obligated to attend a shower for the five or six weddings that happened each month. Even my shower (the only pastor’s daughter) was held outside the church – though all ladies were invited.

But if it was a subject where I was asked to take sides about a person, I wouldn’t do it. I would give a non-committal answer or actually say, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about the situation. Obviously a lot is involved and people feel strongly on both sides.”

Even if I HAD a strong opinion, I didn’t feel giving it would serve a purpose other than adding fuel to the fire, so I chose to stay quiet.

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