We know God has laws – we can repeat many of them, but I’m not talking about laws like “Thou shalt now steal.”  I’m talking about laws like the pastor’s laws I was talking about last week and will be talking about this week, too.  Those thing you just know are gonna happen.

I think some of God’s “laws” probably go like this:

*People will always test the limits of how far they can go.

*People will make bad choices and then wonder why God allowed the bad results to happen.

*People will say they desire to share Christ with others, but then they spend their time being upset at fellow Christians because of music, what food to serve at the banquet or how hot the church auditorium was last Sunday.

That’s the bad news.

But there is good news, too.  In Psalm 33:13 we read From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind.  He knows us. He knows our faults. He died for our faults.

And He loves us anyway.

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