110_0453Well, Saturday is the day I’m supposed to bring my readers up to date on all the exciting things that happened to me this week.

If anything exciting had actually HAPPENED, that would be a good plan. However …

This was just sort of the week that was.

1. I went out to lunch with a lady who hasn’t worked at Awana very long. We had a good time getting to know each other better – and share some common interests. Writing being the primary one.  That was fun.

2. I went out to supper with my mom. That was fun.

3. I got to talk to Kim face-to-face. (Hi Kim!)  Kim is a blog reader who lives in Oregon. That was fun.

4. I read the high school creative writing entries for Summit (our yearly all-high-schoolers-meet-in-one-place-weekend). Reading some of them was fun, reading others wasn’t so much fun.

5. I cleaned the refrigerator. (Not fun.)

6. I read the “v” section of the dictionary for something I was doing at work. (Vicar, variety, very, volume, vineyard)

7. I worked late two nights.

8. I’m in the midst of a HUGE scheduling SNAFU for fall conferences and I’m not having fun working it out.

9. I fed a hamster. I fed a cat. I fed a dog. 

10. I think I better close and continue my exciting week by going to the car wash.

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