PHILIPPIANIZING YOUR LIFE  Let your gentleness be evident to all (Phillippians 4:5)dsc_0079

The next instruction in Philppians 4 is letting your gentleness be evident.

Part of gentleness is willingness to do what is asked of you – to be humble in mindset. (Sometimes we equate humbleness with poverty, but the two are very different.)

A good church illustration.

A man I knew always wanted to be a pastor and was ecstatic when a large, well-known church asked him to be an intern.  After a few months, I asked his wife how he was doing.

“Oh, he’s not very happy,” she told me. “He does cool pastor things, but then they make him do other things, too, like fold worship-folders.”

I laughed. “Pastors do things like that,” I told her.

“Not real pastors,” she told me. (Yeah, she was serious.)

“Yes,” I said. “real pastors.”

Because, besides studying, visiting, preaching, teaching etc., most pastors also get to do things like mow lawns, fix a broken toilet (who else is at church 10:00 on a Monday morning), help paint a room,  … and fold worship folders. (And that goes for ministry wives, too.)

Let your gentleness be evident.  Be humble in doing all things.




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