I met the new pastor’s wife  a couple weeks ago (and again last night).

And someone hinted to me that he wondered what I was thinking as I was introduced to  the person who “took my place.”

But “taking my place” is not what I was thinking at all.

Because the new pastor’s wife isn’t taking MY place. My “place” was Ken’s wife. He was the pastor. I was his wife. So, someone who is another pastor’s wife isn’t taking my place.  Without my pastor (Ken), I have no desire to be the pastor’s wife.

So, actually this is what I was thinking.

Oh, here is the new pastor’s wife. How great to meet her. I like meeting new people and learning about them. Wow, she’s at a great church and I wish her all the best. I’ll be praying for her. I hope she realizes that I’m not a threat of any kind. I’m just me. I’m sure I’ll be seeing her many more times, too. Because I live here and I consider these people my friends.

And that was it.

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