DSC_0216Our church in Wisconsin was started by another church in town – Calvary Memorial. If you search Calvary on the Web, you get a few links to the church itself and several to a  bulletin blooper that must’ve been made back in l902 or something, but is still making its way around the internet and on every bulletin blooper list you see.

You just want to make sure that what you write is right.

Maybe people, especially English-teacher-type people, tell their classes to read what you have written backwards to catch the mistakes.

However, I personally like reading what I’ve written out loud better. Reading it out loud, forces you to read every word (as does reading backwards), but it also allows you to catch phrases that don’t make sense – or over using a word in an article. Reading out loud accomplishes the same thing as reading backwards – plus more!

2 thoughts on “HEY! WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

  1. I’ve felt bad for CMC that the bulletin blooper shows up so frequently. It makes you laugh, but it is unfortunate!

    Good tips! I find it helps me to go away from something I’ve written for a while and then read it again with fresh eyes. That might not help with typos (although it might, too), but it can help with recognizing the overuse of words or the need to tie sentences together in order for the writing to flow in a more pleasant way.

  2. Good points, Allison.
    When I’m writing an article or story, I often finish, but then wait a day or two to read it over again before sending to the publisher.

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