DSC_0295Spell check has become the “safety valve” for a lot of people in this age of computers.

However, you can’t depend on spell check. 

Because spell check ONLY finds words that are spelled incorrectly, it will not catch wrong word usage or words that are spelled incorrectly but actually then spell another word.

For instance, one time I was writing a rather long article for Awana about Game Time.  I finished with this glorious final sentence – Award the sinning team. (Obviously, I meant winning.)

Find and replace can also be a problem when you hit “replace all.” Awana teachers are called “leaders,” but for awhile we had  program where the leaders were called coaches. Although we were using an original book that used the word “leaders,” we wanted to replace leader with coach.  So someone simply hit replace all. Imagine our surprise when we looked at the section where kids were encouraged to pray for their country’s leaders – except now they were to pray for the country’s coaches!!!!

I do often use spell check when I’m not sure HOW to spell a word. I will run spell check to get the correct spelling.

So, it’s a useful tool, just be careful.

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