After walking around town (and buying part of Kelli’s Christmas present), we wandered over to the windmill, an exact replica of a working windmill in Holland. We kind of debated going in, especially when we saw it was $8.00 a person – but hey, how often do you get to visit a windmill?  Actually, after doing the tour, walking through the miniature village and then outside to the real-sized Dutch village, I must say it was worth the price  lot more than other places I’ve been. 

The tour guide catered to the little kids (in fact sometimes I wished she would’ve given us the real names of things instead of “those things you see sticking out of the side.”).  But she was informative. We were on top, ready to go out on the catwalk when a thunderstorm hit. (I think I’m starting a list of places where I’ve been stuck in the rain: Key West Lighthouse, Andrew Jackson’s slave quarters and now the top of a windmill.)  If you’re ever in Pella, I would truly recommend that you visit the windmill.

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