DSC_0014Never ever is team family more important then when you face problems at church.

Call a huddle and cheer each other on! (Even though this is a picture of all my family – I’m talking about just you and your husband – although other family members can be encouraging, too.)

Listen to your husband. Let him go over the facts 534 times if that’s what it takes.

Go out for breakfast and listen to him again. Go out to dinner. Go out for breakfast and dinner!

Team family is SO important. You need to remember that the Lord is there (even more rock-solid than a Rocky Mountain) and He cares. And you are there for your husband, too.

That means listening ..

… and not sighing like you’ve heard this too many times already.

…and not giving advice.

…and not telling him that the other person is right.

…your job is to listen and to encourage.

Others  might be against him at this moment, but you’re not. You love him 200% and as far as you’re concerned, he’s the best pastor ever.

Together (with the Lord’s help), you can get through this.

That’s what you need to do for him and that’s what he needs to do for you.

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