DSC_0224One thing that’s very important for Team Family  is to get away from the problem for awhile.

This usually means  getting out of town.

You need to find places where you can go to just be together … I think that’s why Ken and I knew more about the areas where we lived than anyone else – even people who had lived in the area for years and years.

Here are some things we did:

Went birdwatching at a local park.

Went to the high school and played tennis.

Often went out for breakfast.

Or, we would each get $5.00 for a trip to  the mall (this included our kids) to see what cool thing we could each find to buy. (The cool things usually ended up being something from an office supply store or a bookstore – which might be why my two kids still like bookstores and office supply stores.)

I don’t know what works for you, but work with your husband to find those places “away from it all” where you can go for an hour or two.

That really helps.

So, look around find some places to go to be together – and leave the cellphone home.

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