Remember we had three goals on our trip:

1. Take the Apostle Island Cruise (the boat was broken)

2. Visit Split Rock (decided it was too expensive after already spending the day on the lakeshore)

3. Visit the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

After the very successful and pizza-laden cruise around the Duluth harbor, we drove to Hayward to the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. Our plan was to do a quick tour and then head back to Jeff and Cindy’s.

However, we got there at 4:07 and it closed at 4:00.

We drove around town a little bit and thought about what to do and what we decided to do was find a hotel and stay an extra night. This would allow us to eat at the Lumberjack pancake house and go to the Lumberjack Show. This is the place where the Lumberjack World Championships take place (next weekend, actually) which you can see on ESPN.

Amazingly, we got room at a beautiful hotel on a lake, right next to the logging village.

We settled in and then went to see about the Lumberjack Pancake House (at the site of the show), only to find that a hand printed sign that this was the one day it was closed! (Not the show, just the restaurant), but Linda, the very nice lady at the ice cream stand, said we could get our dinner somewhere else, bring it back and eat it on their patio since no one was at the restaurant. That’s what we did – brought Subway back to the patio.


The show itself was fun and the kids were totally into it. By the way, from the view of my pictures it looks as if no one was there – not true. The extra bleachers on the other side are for the World Championships. Our side was fairly full

The next morning we were at the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame when the gate opened. The big attraction here (and what they are known for) is the World’s Largest Muskie.

Otherwise – well … they have exciting exhibits like the “boat motor graveyard” and the history of fishing lures.

DSC_0083We then headed back to Jeff and Cindy’s quiet little corner of the woods – except this is the one week of the year that it’s not so quiet. 35,000 country music fans roll into town in their RVs ad camp out down the road at the Hodag Festival. Seriously, the deserted back roads suddenly have traffic jams and police hide behind trees waiting for partying drivers to speed by.  And at night you can hear the entertainment – so Thursday night I was literally serenaded to sleep by Glen Campbell singing Southern Nights. Yep, he was just down the road behind the mic.  DSC_0087DSC_0091 I think we’ll always remember this short vacation as the vacation that didn’t turn out at all like we were expecting, but we had a fantastic time doing the things we didn’t plan on doing.

The end 🙂

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