Just sharing something funny that happened this week.

I was walking down the hallway at work – between cubicles – and a co-worker was coming the other way. So, I moved over against the wall and the short sleeve of my shirt caught on a closet door hinge. I knew when I did it, that it hurt (the sleeve pressing against my skin). But now, it’s funny – I have a perfectly straight, thin bruise on my upper arm – looks like tatto.


WHERE: Indianapolis, Indiana

WHY: To visit Connor Prairie – a prairie town/farm/Indian village with the fam.

WHAT WAS HAPPENING: First of all, the weather was made-to-order and I imagine even the people who actually lived on the prairie, appreciated days like the day we were there. We meandered through an Indian village, an 1836 town and an 1886 farm. Other people were also enjoying the day, but it wasn’t crowded-crowded at all. Wherever we went, we saw demonstrations: bead stringing, pickled beet making (love pickled beets – my mom would make me some every summer. I say “make me” because I’m the only one in the house besides her – who would eat them.), pottery making, etc.

I’ve been to dozens of these types of places, but the cool thing about Connor Prairie that sets it apart is the amount of hands-on things the kids got to do. Very little was “hands-off.” They can now say that they’ve:

1. Dipped candles

2. Learned some words in Lenape.

3. Wrote on a slate

4. Held a chick and later a chicken. (No, the chick didn’t grow up – it was a different chicken.)

5. Milked a cow.

6. Walked on stilts.

7. Rolled a hoop.

8. Dressed in prairie clothes.

9. Helped a quilter sort quilt blocks.

10. Played a pump organ.

Just a lot of cool activities.

We arrived at Connor Prairie when it opened and were there until closing time, so we found a lot to do. They also have some fun special events (none of which was happening on the day we were there).

You can’t miss the hot air balloon.  The balloon is tethered to the ground – but you can ride (I think 350 feet into the air). However, it was not flying last weekend. In conjunction with the balloon, they have an interesting balloon exhibit.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: I got to be part of a traveling salesman act – to sell a cure-all tonic. I had to act out a headache, nerves, a stomach ache, etc. – but when it got to diarrhea and constipation – I refused. 🙂

ANYTHING TO EAT: Yes, they have a cafe. I had a cheese/tomato pizza which was good. Others had sandwiches and everyone seemed to happily enjoy what they were eating.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS: Yes, especially if you’re looking for a place to take active kids and want to give them some great, new experiences at the same time.