110_0735After spending a short time at the Dealey Plaza, Roger and I headed over to the SBTS in Fort Worth. This is the largest Southern Baptist Seminary in the world and this was the third time I had been  there for a conference. One of the good things about being at the school is that they have “motel” rooms, so we stayed right on campus. That meant the ride to the conference the next morning was less than a mile.

Between 700 and 800 leaders had registered and everyone arrived happy and full of chatter. I could tell from the start that this would be a good conference with responsive leaders – people simply seemed happy. Later I said something to one of the staff and his reply was, “People in Dallas are alive.”  I would agree.

I did two Modern-day Joseph workshops and two Tween workshops in Scarborough Hall!  After my last MDJ workshop a lady said,  “Oh, your Tween one is in room 115, right?”

“I think I’m in the same room all day,” I told her.

“No, the program says you’re in 115.”

Sure enough, so I went down the hall to find room 115 and discovered it was the Ladies Room!  Yes, my workshop had been scheduled to meet in the bathroom.

They quickly fixed that by putting a sign on the door:

110_0736My brother (whose room was across the hall) just stood out there and laughed. People who WERE looking for my room would walk right by it because it WAS the Ladies Room and Ladies Rooms don’t usually have room numbers.

People who were looking for the bathroom wondered why there was a sign on the door telling them where I was!

We all got a good laugh out of it.

After the conference was over we went to Spring Creek for some Texas Barbecue. 110_0738

110_0743Rog and I left fairly early the next morning to fly home.

Remember how I sat next to someone who used to work at Awana on my last flight?  Well, besides my brother, I knew three other people on the flight from Dallas to Chicago.

Small world, you know.

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