Ok, yeah, there’s a reason I haven’t done a real good job on the keeping-up-with-the-blog thing.

I could go into all the exciting things I’ve been doing lately like actually keeping up with the leaf raking (much to the surprise of my neighbors who don’t count on me to keep up with anything) and getting the oil changed and washing windows and curtains and blinds and … watching the munchkins and …

So, anyhow, I won’t go into all that.

It actually comes down to this. They moved my corporate parent blog so it has more exposure and so I feel like I should actually post on it more than once a month now that people can actually get to it.  But because we’re in deadline chaos at work – I do my blog at night and after I get done doing that blog, I don’t have a lot of energy for this one.

Oh, I just remembered something funny that happened at work today. We’re in those no-privacy cubicles where you can hear everything that’s going on in the lives of everyone around you. So, a lot of time we all work with iPods going so we block everything out. Then when people are on the phone you either don’t hear or pretend you don’t hear.

Well, today, the lady next to me called someone (I’m guessing her husband) and said, “Did I leave my lunch on the counter?”  I guess whoever she was talking to said “yes,” because then she said, “Oh, I have another meeting and I’m absolutely starving and I won’t be able to get anything to eat for another couple hours.”  She then hung up and I heard her gathering her things together for the meeting.

And I’m thinking “Hmmm … I have a box of granola bars here – should I admit I was listening and offer her a granola bar or should I pretend I didn’t hear her and ignore it.

My eavesdropping won out and I grapped the granola bars and headed to her office – just as the man whose office is on her other side came over from his side in perfect synchronization and also handed her a granola bar.  You had to have been there – but it was funny.

So, this morning on the way to work the weather was all foggy and sunny and and I had my little camera so I stopped …110_0767110_0768


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