Supposedly everyone gets stressed out shopping for the holidays. Customers push and clerks snap and …

Anyhow, I’ve actually met some very kind clerks this season. I don’t know if it’s because managers are going overboard insisting on good customer service since the economy is bad or if it’s just that they’re nice people … which I would like to believe.

My favorite is a young girl (well, actually she turned 18 in August) that rang up my purchase in a boutique-y type store.

Our conversation went something like this.

Her: I hope you’re have a good day. I am because I absolutely love working here and I think it’s just the greatest fun I could ever have.

Me: How long have you worked here?

Her: Well, I’ve wanted to work her forever – but I had to be 18 so I couldn’t start until my 18th birthday which was in August. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I did. We went to visit my grandparents in Michigan. Would you like these wrapped?

Me: Sure.

Her: Oh, I absolutely love to wrap presents. I’m so happy you’re letting me wrap these for you. This is so much fun.

(All this was being said with a huge smile. At this point, two other older clerks walked by and said, “Oh, look, Lisa is getting to wrap presents – her favorite thing to do.)

Me:You’re doing a good job.

Her: Oh, thanks. (She tied the final ribbon.) Sadly (and at this point, did indeed, put a sad look on her face).  I can’t cut the ribbon. Our scissors aren’t working today.

The scissors weren’t working?

I’m thankful for people, even strangers, who put a smile on my face.


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