1. If I was ready for spring yesterday, I was more than ready today. The ride to work was great – not only were the roads clear, but half of the commuters stayed home scared off by the weather reports.. The ride home was a different story – I basically slid home with the anti-lock brakes kicking in at five different intersections and the “no traction” light doing its thing three times. But I made it – only to find that I couldn’t get into my driveway. So, that meant a mess of shoveling. I think I’ll start a FaceBook group “Saturday is the only snow day.”

2. What’s with the blog? Well, as my regular readers know, I stopped the Observations from the Second Floor to do the Pastor’s Wife blog – but I found it too time-consuming to do a serious parenting blog post every night AND a serious pastor’s wife post – but still I like to chat. After having several people ask me the past couple weeks – where my blog was, I decided to get back to it. But I’m keeping it here on WordPress – since I can use my own pictures in the headers.

3. Why did the credit card company spend 44 cents to send me a bill for 17 cents? I haven’t charged anything on the card for three years and 17 cents cannot be some kind of annual fee. Good grief!

4. Why do people always say “I found it in the last place I looked.”  Of course, you found it in the last place you looked.  I mean why AFTER you find your keys would you look six more places?

That’s all

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