Yesterday was a day of music … lots of music.

First we has our annual staff Christmas party which highlighted out department for the losers that we are. We were to decorate our table to be part of a decorate-your-Christmas-table-the-most-beautiful contest. Well, we’ve been busy – lots of stay-late, work-at-home-in-the-evening deadlines. Now, let’s just say as the department that actually designs the curriculum and writes the material, we do have some inherent creativity – we just didn’t have time to use it on table decorations. So at the last minute, a few of us grabbed some snowmen from our homes and plunked them on the tables. We looked a little sad compared to the elegantly good-china with chargers, linen tablecloths tables. Or compared to the Chicago Cub decorated table or the Christmas Carol decorated table where all the participants actually dressed to the theme.

Alas, our dishware was paper plates from the buffet line and our silverware – plastic – also from the buffet line.

No, we didn’t win.

Then there is the annual doorprize giveaway – 59 door prizes this year for about 200 people. We have 9 people in our department – not one of us won a door prize. We just stared at our snowmen who were staring back at us as we heard name and name called from other departments.

That’s why we declared ourselves the losers.

(Ok, seriously, what I just wrote is the truth, but we didn’t feel all that sad about it.)

Anyhow, then we had a Christmas concert by an area Christian high school.


Last night I left at 5 to go pick my mom up and head up to Orchard E. Free Church (previously known as the Arlington Heights E. Free Church) to hear my sister-in-laws’ choir concert. These concerts are always big deals and last night was the first of four.  The place was packed – I had to park down the street at a school. Roger was squeezed next to the boom mics which he had been warned not to bump because doing so would mess up the sound – so he was frozen in place for an hour and a half. We were crowded in the rest of the row, in front of some noisy kids and in back of some staticky hair kids – but the concert was very good.

Afterwards, we decided to head to Bakers Square for pie as did many, many other people from the concert and the manager was wondering what was going on as were some other non-concert-attending customers who had to wait quite awhile to get a seat.

Anyhow, by the time we got back to my mom’s place, it was close to midnight. Now, here’s an interesting challenge – getting an 88yo home after “curfew.”  This was the first time Mom had to use her remote in the new security system to get into the gate. But I had no idea how it worked (nor did she).  I scanned it every which way I could think of, to no avail.

So then, she thought she remembered a number code – so I messed around with that awhile, and it finally opened. Now, they have two entrance doors which open automatically, but the second one won’t open until the first one shuts.  Mom figured they’d be locked, but the first one opened, so we said good-bye and she happily waited for the second one – fortunately, I didn’t go anywhere, because the second one was locked – and I could see my mom caught between the two doors.

“No problem,” she told me. “I’ll just walk over to one of the other doors and use my key. You can go.”  So I watched my mom walk off into the frozen night, but again I didn’t go anywhere. Next thing I know, she is walking back again. “The key won’t work.”

So, I tell her to show me the right key and to just wait – and I walked off until I could find a key that would work in a door.

And finally got her inside.

Again, there’s something funny about getting your mom home late. 🙂

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