Today we had our Division Christmas Party, not to be confused with the Staff Christmas Party or our Department Christmas Party (which is actually not happening this year because of several reasons).

Our Division Party was held at the Riverwood Christian Center which is a Christian Center in the woods by the river.

One of the main focuses of the Division Party is always the White Elephant Gift Exchange and since these are creative departments, the gifts are also usually creative. You don’t normally come home with something that you actually WANT – although someone always buys some gift certificates as extra gifts just in case someone forgets. So everyone has learned to go for the smaller gifts.

Last year I lucked out and got a set of pick-up sticks and jacks which the munckins have enjoyed. Again, I was one of the few that actually got something you could use.

This is the story of this year.

I was number 2 (and you can only trade stuff three times).

1. I first unwrapped a Border’s gift card (as if THAT would last).

2. The gift card went immediately, I didn’t even get to sit down.

3. I then unwrapped a BlockBuster gift card.

4. That got taken away from me.

5. I opened very ugly candles in a box from “salt of the month” club and kept that gift for a long, long time as other people opened a purple octopus (very ugly), a zebra sweater (very ugly), a 1985 palm pilot ….

6. But then because there was extra presents, I got to chose again (since I was #2).  This time I opened an Awana Missionary Blazer which I had to model. I gave it to a man who was stopping at Goodwill on the way home.

7. Then a guy at my table who had given the Awana Missionary Blazer said, “I just bought the gift bag and the tissue paper. Do you want the rest of the tissue paper?”

I said “yes,” and came home with an almost full package of tissue paper.

So I figure I came out ahead.

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