1. One out of four families eat green bean cassorole for Christmas dinner. Originally that recipe was part of a cookbook/advertising campaign for Campbell Soup – to encourage people to buy more soup. Guess it worked.

2. Every Christmas movie (and maybe most movies) have the line “What are you DOING here?”

3. Some annoying commercials out there this season – the one where the dad sits on the couch and chants the sing/songy words to his wife and kids that THEY can watch TV in the basement because he’s in his favorite spot. I have no problem with Dad getting his comfy chair and the kids going to the basement, but it’s the wife making the request and I think he could be a little nicer – well a whole lot nicer to her.

But even more annoying is the Fed Ex (I think) commercial where the dad doesn’t know how many kids he has!

4. I received my Jeopardy calendar – this is at least 25 years that my friend has sent me a Jeopardy calendar for Christmas.

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