Actually, I already made five batches of candy this year and gave it all away and I promised the munchkins that they could help me make some more.  So today we had a candy-making party. We started with a sugar rush of Dunkin Donuts – and then went into batch making. Making this candy is VERY hard and hot on the hands – but all three kids  stayed right with us – and kept up with their mom. Plus, I invited an unsuspecting friend to join us – so that was fun, too.

Here we are …


  1. Time slipped away and we never got around to making our annual finger-burning candy. But we have our flavorings so we’ll probably make them in the new year.

    Sassafras and apricot are two flavors we’ve never tried. How did you like them?

  2. We actually never got to the sassafras – though I’ve done it before and like it. The apricot was fine – not a real strong taste.

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