Last night the hyper munchkins were hanging out with me. So, being a good grandma, I decided to do with good grandmas do and feed into their hyperness with THE TREE CAKE.


I made a chocolate cake (13×9).

*I saved the six egg shells, rinsed them off and set them on a plate to dry.

*I cut the cake into a tree shape.

*We colored the frosting green and frosted the tree.

*The kids decorated the tree.

*I set the six egg shells on the cake.

*I put a lemon extract-soaked sugar cube into each egg shell.

*I lit the sugar cubes – and TADA!  We had a tree with Christmas lights.

(Ok – I’ll admit that this is not a new idea. I used to make my kids a ghost cake every year on Halloween – white cake with flaming eyes. Very effective and to relieve any fears – it did not shake their faith to eat a cake in the shape of a ghost.)

Anyhow, a great hyperness time was had by all.

Here’s a photo journey.

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