So, all was well at my house.

The 5yo munchkin was set up by my front door, happily nintendoing while the 7yo and 10yo offered to help me shovel the driveway – yet again. This time there was only an inch or so of snow, so we got the job done quickly and they then proceeded to shovel paths through my front yard and had a lot of fun doing it.

So after a very snowy, and therefore soaking wet half hour – I herded them back inside. I sent the 10yo up to dry her hair and wrapped the 7yo in one of my fluffly, pink sweaters to keep her warm while I dryed her socks and jeans. I then decided to throw their coats in the dryer for 10-15 minutes.

I headed upstairs, built a fire and made all three munckins hot chocolate. They happily settled in front of the fireplace. 

We read together and talked together and discussed life – and then I headed back downstairs to check the coats.

I knew I had a problem as soon as I opened the dryer because the first things I saw were five crayons and a well-washed butterscotch lollipop. I admit it. I never thought about checking pockets.

I should have taken a picture of the coats to prove what a mess this was AND a picture of the inside of my dryer. The coats had literally hundreds of melted-crayon spots on them – mostly green on the 10yos and purple on the 7yos.

“Oh, no,” I said – which brought the 10yo downstairs to see what was happening.

She crawled up on top of my washing machine and began pulling down all my laundry supplies, reading the labels on Shout (hey, I know the person who invented Shout! Truly, I do.) and Tide and …   Tears running down her face as she explained to me that it was her favorite coat ever.

“Look,” I said. “It was an accident. I’ll try to fix this and if I can’t I’ll buy you a new coat.”

“But I want this coat,” she sobbed. (Definitely a scene from a horrific movie.)

“We’ll fix this,” I promised.

She smiled through her tears and became my partner in fixing the problem.

“This says crayon remover.” She held out a bottle of Goo Gone (sometimes known as Goo Be Gone)  “And it says it works on clothes.” (I remember buying it after some toddler munchkin used my wall as a whiteboard.)

So, for the next hour and a half I scrubbed literally more than a hundred crayon spots with Goo Gone.

This is the good news – the stuff works.

This is the bad news – my basement smells like Goo Gone.

I finished by goo-goning the culprit pocket  and then threw the coats BACK into the washer and dryer – and with the exception of a little color on the furry inside of the 7yos – they look like new (and very clean).

Moral – if you ever throw a coat into a washing machine and forget to take the crayons from the pocket – here’s the product to use.

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