Before Christmas I bought several small gifts from one store. When I got to the counter, the clerk offered to wrap them for me and, knowing that this particular store has unique packaging, I agreed. The clerk cheerily went about her task. The store was very unbusy and no one was waiting, so she took her time and made the wrapping as fancy as possible.

Several days later I decided not to divide the gifts as originally planned, so I unwrapped them – and was glad I did when I found the price tags still on every single one of the gifts.  Having the giftee know the prices of the gifts would not have been the end of the world, but these were more formal than family gifts and I truly did NOT want the price tags on them. Knowing most stores make a big deal about taking off the prices, I was surprised that these tags were still in place.

But I discovered the error in time – no big deal. It didn’t make me think less of the cheerful clerk or the store – in fact, I went back to the store today.

As I was buying my purchase, I kindly mentioned the price-tag thing. “I’m so glad I caught it,” I told the lady. “I’m not upset, but in this situation I did not want the prices on the gifts. Normally stores are careful about that, so I thought I’d let you know so you can be aware of it.”

“Well, we get busy around Christmas,” she said with as much interest as a doorknob.  (Might be true, but you weren’t busy THAT day.)

She refused to say another word about it. She gave me my purchase and went to talk to another clerk about Saturday night plans.

Funny. I did not have any feelings of anything toward the girl who wrapped the packages, but the girl today made me not want to shop there again.

Here’s the truth. Overlooking a mistake is easy. Overlooking attitude is hard.

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