You might remember that the munckins decorated my Thanksgiving table with Hershey bars – wrapping them in “I am thankful for …” paper, expecially designed for each member of our family.

Lauri, my friend in Pennsylvania, and a regular blog reader, saw those Hershey bars and remembered them. For Christmas she did her own Hershey bar craft with the multitude of kids with whom she works each week and had some leftover supplies!  Ta da!  She thought of me and my Hershey-bar designing grandchildren.  So she hopped in her car and drove out to Chicago to hand deliver them to me.

And this is what we did with them.

First we wrapped each Hershey bar in beautiful, sparkly wrapping paper.

Then we covered it was a plain piece of paper that was imprinted with a snowman face and buttons. (You could draw your own and individualize each snowman.) I also made labels on the computer that said “Happy New Year” to fasten the back of the snowman paper.

Next we took a small piece of polar fleece and made several cuts in it that were about 2.5 inches long. (We made four or five cuts.)

Next – we made a 3/4″ fold on one end and glued it to make a hat brim.

We wrapped the folded end around the snowman’s head and glued it.

Then  we tied a small piece of ribbon at the base of your “fringe” to form the shape of a hat.

We added a snowflake sticker to the hat. (You could also add a bell.)

For a final touch, wrap a polar fleece strip around the middle of the snowman for a scarf.

And we had our table decorations.

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