Don’t know exactly why my brain went in this direction, but while I was driving home from work today I stared thinking about lessons we wish our kids didn’t have to learn the hard way.  Unfortunately, they are the kind of lessons that I think we all have to learn for ourselves.

1. No matter how many “put-yourself-first” articles you read in magazines and newspapers – it’s really not about YOU.  The world doesn’t revolve around you anymore than it does anyone else.

2. Just because you’re sincerely and wonderfully nice to someone doesn’t mean that they’ll be sincerely and wonderfully nice back to you.

3. Even though the message “out there” is you can be anything you want to be, that’s not true. Some dreams DO come true, but many, many dreams don’t.

4. Sometimes cheaters win.

5. Sometimes people are very, very unfair and sometimes those unfair people have authority over you.

6. Jealousy is a powerful and destructive emotion.

7. Having someone else jealous of you can also be destructive.

8. Sometimes people you really, really admire let you down.

9. Sometimes everything you’ve worked for falls apart.

10. Acting hurt doesn’t really hurt anyone but yourself. The people you want to notice you are continuing their daily lives while you’re making yourself be in a bad mood – so get over it.


Actually maybe I DO know why my mind went to this. I’m reading Ecclesiastes (a great study to do with teens). Solomon philosophies about life and how futile it all is – without the Lord.

Talk more about that later …

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