This morning I’ve been doing a lengthy blogpost for my parenting blog. My subject was cheating and I was reading several websites, magazine articles, etc. about the problem and the solution for cheating.

I also happened on the WikiHow site telling students that usually cheating is wrong, but if you have a bad teacher etc…. it might be the appopriate thing to do.

However, I was thinking that their site did a good job of exemplifying why a kid shouldn’t cheat.

Take these instructions, for example …

  1. (This only works with if you have a whole in your desk, like in middle schools.) You put your final quiz inside the whole and try to look like your are writing and doing your quiz.
  2. If you don’t have a whole in your desk, then keep your bookbag with you. Don’t leave it in the floor but hanging in your seat. Keep it open.

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