Once upon a time there were two beautiful, bubbly and brilliant girls who truly brought life and laughter to the second floor.

Besides being beautiful, bubbly and brilliant, they are also known for their project management skills.  Their job is to tell us what to do and then to see that what they’ve told us to do is actually done.

Everyone listens to them and does exactly what they say.

In fact, they have our mental skills in such good shape, they decided to also get us in physical shape.

So they concocted the healthiest blend of healthiest foods that they could imagine – a concoction that promises to cure hang nails, cabin fever, sinus headaches, fractured toes and whatever else ails you.

They put a little water and ice in a blender and then added a handful of carrots, a few tomatoes, some zucchini, some chopped apples, a banana and a handful of blueberries. For that final touch, they threw in some spinach and turned the blender on high.

Oh … and the healthy result.  Well, it looked a little like …. ummm … well, a lot like …. ummmm …. throw up.

So, to drink it, you kind of, sort of needed to close your eyes. And it actually didn’t taste that bad — mostly you tasted the banana.

But it looked like …. oh, I already mentioned that.

And now all the people on the second floor (and on the third floor, too) will live healthier ever after.

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