Anyone who knows me well, knows about the lemon meringue pie on annual meeting night.

I have no idea where I got the idea – but I know that I was doing it early in our pastoring life because I remember the question/answer session at the very first church where we candidated.  One of the men asked me what my role would be as a pastor’s wife.

“I’m the one who has the lemon meringue pie waiting after the annual meeting,” I answered.

And that’s what I did. All through the years. I never missed.

Several years ago, I blogged about the pie and Allison who is now the pastor’s wife at Northside (where Ken pastored for many, many years and where our kids grew up), read the post.

“Hmmmm,” she thought (ok, maybe I’m putting words into her mouth 🙂 ). “Jason likes lemon meringue pie. Maybe I should continue the tradition.”

So although, the pastor has changed, the tradition lives on.  And how cool is that!

Here is the pie (I copied it from her FaceBook page) all ready and waiting for Jason after tonight’s meeting.


  1. Not putting words in my mouth at all–it’s the truth. Thanks for giving me a sweet way to say “I love you” on a night that can be stressful for him. We are both enjoying the tradition!

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