1. The movie Emma that they’re showing on Sunday nights on Masterpiece Theater is very enjoyable so far. Of course, I’m a Jane Austen fan (she came from the same area of England as my grandfather) and I’ve read all her books. If you missed it on TV – you can watch the first segment online.  Second part will be this coming Sunday.

2. In the last four years I’ve learned to do a lot of things I never thought I’d know how to do, but I think the sump pumps are going to do me in. The one works but ends with a thump so loud, the entire house shakes. The other one is temperamental, makes strange noises and needs to have the hose attached and unattached according to whim. I live in constant fear that something’s going to happen – I remember all too well the night we stayed up until dawn, emptying the tank with the shop vac – and saved our basement from the second biggest rainfall in U.S. history.

3. We’ve had good driving weather the past couple weeks – that’s great. The weather can be as cold as it wants to be as long as the roads are clear.

4. Moms and toddlers argue an average of 20 times an hour.  (So they say?????????)

5. Tomorrow I get to do some intense-focused writing on the word “respect” and how to teach kids respect for God.

6. Quote for the day – Stress cannot exist in the presence of pies. (David Mamet)

7. Random picture – Lake Louise, Banff, Canada. Because my mom’s name is Louise, my dad always said he wanted to take her to Lake Louise – considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Alas, they didn’t get there – but I had heard so much about it from my parents, Ken and I decided to make the trip with out kids. We walked part of the way around the lake – and don’t let this peaceful picture full you –  the lake entrance patio was packed with people. And I remember everything was so expensive, we ended up ordering in a pizza to our motel room because even the groceries at the grocery store were sky-high. The pizza seemed the cheapest way to go for two adults and two young teens.

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