Last Friday night I was enjoying pizza with some friends and we were talking about FaceBook and they asked me why I liked it.

My quick answer was that you don’t use FaceBook to talk to people you see all the time unless you’re commenting on their status or pictures or something – and that although I do check it out a lot, I don’t stay on it for a long time. I explained how it was a news feed – but all the news was about your friends etc. etc.

But Sunday I made a connection that expressed the real reason why I’m a FaceBook fan.

Those of you who have known me, know how much I enjoy working with high school kids.

I started teaching high school kids back in Des Plaines when I was only a few years older than my students — and it continued up to the time we moved here. I still display the plaque in my office that three senior boys bought and presented to me on our last Sunday in Racine.

I laughed with those kids. (The same said three boys would ALWAYS answer any question about their favorite verse with Proverbs 21:9.)

I cried with them. (I remember the day two of the girls went with me to visit a friend who was in the hospital with a serious, but undiagnosed disease.)

I remember the day one won a national award and when another trusted Christ as Savior. I watched them play ball, act in school plays and show pigs at the county fair.

And although I’ve been in contact with many of these kids – others are now popping up on FaceBook.

Last Sunday I heard from one more – one I haven’t heard from for a couple decades. How enjoyable to once again be back in touch with this girl who at one time was part of our daily lives.

And that’s the reason why I like FaceBook.

Oh, yeah – that and WordTwist.


  1. After I wrote that, I was thinking that the fun part of it is connecting with people who were part of your life, who you would not know how to e-mail to reconnect – so FaceBook bridges that gap.

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