For the past three weeks, Lon Allison, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center has been guest speaker at Wheaton Bible.

I first heard Dr. Allison last year and found him a captivating speaker. He talks in an infomal way as if he’s simply chatting with you, he can be funny (not silly) and often breaks into song (Oklahoma! the first week) yet you learn so much from what he says. His perspectives and historical research are fascinating.

This series has been on The Prodigal Son – one sermon that lasted three weeks.  I heard him the first week and today and I’m waiting for sermon #2 to be online.

The first week was about the father.

The second week was about the younger son.

Today was about the older son.

I thought about listing several points of his messages – but then thought – so much better for you to listen yourself – so here’s the link (It will be worth your while.)

And who at church this morning won’t remember the moment that someone’s ringing cellphone echoed throughout the massive auditorium? Dr. Allison paused in his message, his eyes got wide with wonderment and he said, “Every time a cellphone rings, an angel in heaven gets his wings.”

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