#12 – Zachary Taylor’s home is in Louisville, Kentucky and is not open to tours unless you’re personally invited by the owners. (At least no one is telling me that the owner is Zachary Taylor’s grandson!) I drive through Louisville every once in a while so maybe I can at least check out the outside of the house sometime.

#13 – Millard Fillmore’s home is in New York state. I was close enough a couple years ago to see the signs pointing to it – but I was with Jeff, Cindy and munchkins and we had our itinerary planned out and didn’t have time to stop.

#14 is Franklin Pierce and yes, I’ve been there, but I can’t tell you anything about it because I was seven-years-old.

The house is in Hillsboro, New Hampshire and I have the postcard from that second-grade trip.

#15 – James Buchanan – haven’t been to Wheatland which is located near Lancaster, PA – but that seems sort of doable sometime in the future.

And then we get to Lincoln.

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